8 dating mistakes smart women make

This is a review for the online personals section of. The personals section of Craigslist is broken down into nine main categories. Here are the 10 biggest mistakes I’ve heard from women in the years I’ve been coaching and counseling them:1.We Sell Ourselves Short You’ve heard the phrases – “We get the love we think we deserve” and “You are what you attract.” If we don’t believe that we deserve an attractive man of good character, we’re susceptible to attractive men of poor character.The more you engage in and enjoy your life, the more he'll work to be a part of it.Agreed that the last guy you dated two years ago was a jerk, but don't jump into a relationship just because you can't be seen single with your chicks.Men with an Avoidant attachment style minimize closeness and view intimacy as a loss of independence.They are frequently drawn to Anxious women, who crave intimacy and worry about their partner’s ability to love them back.

Well, probably the girl is quite nice and you could be friends and maybe after a couple of months he will be calling you that. If he doesn’t participate in any plans and doesn’t make any of you as a couple, doesn’t let you meet his friends and family or whatever else, that is kind of strange for someone, who should be loving you – then he has just spent money.

Smart women are smart, because of decisions they make and the way they live. We get that you are in love, but that isn’t an excuse.

Smart women know what they want and how to achieve it. If you actually really are, you wouldn’t have a problem of going out (either together or in girl and guy companies).

And not because they are dumb, but probably because they don’t think about it practically. Because you can’t settle for anything less than what you deserve – and that is the best.

Although you might be liking the guy (probably way more than he deserves), no one should treat you in any way different, than treating you like a princess! Something people in relationships tend to forget – their friends.


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