Agism and dating

There are not many avenues to turn for gay men in their forties and beyond.One may feel like they have been abandon and forgotten .When he set out to study gay men on the cusp of old age, Jesus Ramirez-Valles expected to find psychological fallout from the AIDS epidemic that darkened the years in which these baby boomers came of age. What surprised him was how many in a group that had championed sexual freedom were now lonely and wishing they had partners to grow old with.

Her doctors argued that she had a “dysfunction of the mind” which rendered her unable to make decisions about treatment, but a judge ruled in her favour.

I was reminded of all this last week when I read about a court case involving a middle-aged woman who insisted on the right to refuse life-saving treatment.

The woman, referred to only as C, died last weekend at the age of 50 after refusing to undergo kidney dialysis because she didn’t want to become “poor, ugly or old”.

"I wish I was in love." People of all orientations are imbued with the idea that happiness and fulfillment are found in being part of a couple, he said.

"Despite the marriage equality movement, a lot of these guys missed the boat" on finding a partner, he said, and many have no children.


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