An error occurred while consolidating disks msg fileio lock

That is actually the first step – know about your situation!But the next step is to delete the Snapshots and one of the meanest situations are locked files that stop you from doing so.# There are many different kinds of locking mechanism VMware v Sphere uses and I want to start our fix VM snapshot series with a real tough one.

This is not a normal number of snapshots and not a normal number of ctk files. CTK files are used by Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to track disk sectors that have been changed since the last backup.But what do you do when your snapshots start acting funny?In this tip, we'll troubleshoot potential problems that may come up when using snapshots in v Sphere.But the investigation is before the fix, so let´s start with that first.Like mentioned before the VM is powered off and the file lock message pops up when trying to delete the snapshots.When you select an object in the left pane of the v Sphere Client, you can select the Storage View tab in the right pane and view storage information related to that object.


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