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With that in mind, you’ll probably find yourself bored of the whitewashing that’s going on, too.

There’s not a lot of variety here, which can be the kiss of death for sure.

Perv over the free group chat cam shows and model photos or take a performer directly into a private show.

You can even reserve your spot on a show which is interesting.

It’s the kind of site you might expect to use as a backup if your favorite girl isn’t available on your normal (go-to) site.

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When you sign up for a free account, you’ll have a couple of options.

We weren’t all that happy with these numbers, and we can really see how someone can get put off with this particular site. We love to see a lot of interesting features on a cam site, but sadly, that’s not really something that you’re going to find here. All of this comes together as a site that we could honestly do without, and after spending so much time here, we just didn’t get the variety that we really wanted at all. This particular site ended up costing us a grand total of 0, which was really way too much for the amount of shows that we did have and the quality we received.

The price of this particular cam site was really the kicker, especially from what we ended up spending and seeing during our shows. The ladies were pretty, but that’s about as far as that went.

Now, before you take off your pants, take a few minutes and read my words of wisdom on

The guys on Camster say that our happiness is their priority - read on to see if that's true. As you know there are no free lunches and no free nude cam sites either.


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