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For example, Susan* was a divorcee in her mid-30s and so frustrated with the dating scene that she had all but given up…Or Joe*, a successful corporate executive in his early 40s who had worked so hard building his career that he’d forgotten about building a family and worried it was too late…We’re excited that your search of Polyamory has brought you here!**STOP** Please read our Safer Space and Member Behaviour Guidelines prior to joining to ensure you have an understanding of our expectations.

Here’s a few you may have already experienced or maybe can expect to. All of these dating apps and sites have become just another form of social media. Be ready to come across the “dead” profile or two when you’re getting your swipe on.If you’ve been thinking about online dating, or maybe you already are, it’s probably smart to familiarize yourself with today’s common online dating vocab because it’s almost guaranteed that one of these things is going to happen to you sooner or later. Kind of like how the evil witch tricked Hansel and Gretel, bread-crumbing is when someone shows you just enough attention to peak your interest but the truth is, they’re not really interested in meeting so they feed you compliments here and there but that’s about it.More frustrating than it is scary per se – ghosting happens in the online dating world far too often. No need to put their picture on a milk carton, they’ve likely just ghosted on you. The prospect doesn’t disappear, but rather puts you “on the bench” just in case.We are a non-profit, community-run, community-led group with the goal to be a social and educational source on the topics of polyamory and open relationships.Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and communities, and hold in common the belief that love and intimacy are great gifts that deserve to be shared beyond the monogamy model that seems to be the status quo in society.Dating is supposed to come naturally, but for whom?


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