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Since 1985, more than 76,000 positive HIV tests have been reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada, according to the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT).

How different would your experience be now as opposed to, say, 30 years ago?

The experts behind Mother To Baby have created fact sheets that answer frequently asked questions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Help us help future moms and babies – volunteer today.

Learn More New information about the Zika Virus is constantly changing. Please check back frequently for the latest information and resources surrounding Zika.

One of her great pleasures in life is gathering loved ones together to celebrate the very important milestones of their life's journeys. Your life is special and it's important that your celebrations reflect your individual values and beliefs.

As a free-spirited wedding officiant, Mari would like to help bring your distinctive touch to your wedding ceremony.


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