Patti stanger rules of dating

Like her Bravo show “Millionaire Matchmaker,” she offers a melange of useful observations on dating and relationships, mixed with some truly reactionary, fucked-up advice that seeks to corral both men and women into normative gender role behavior.

(In fact, we’ve debunked some of this fucked up-edness before.) Let me be clear: if people want to that normative gender role behavior himself or herself, that’s great. But it’s not ethical to teach people their most successful strategy for finding love is to squeeze yourself into a box and follow the sexist script.

Your choice of a life partner, the one person you’ll live with for the rest of your life is even more important.

What if you are presented with a situation where you have to chose from many houses one house you will live for the rest of your life, one car to own, one kind of meal to eat day in day out?

Alas, this one requires more explanation than can fit into 140 characters. So it’s unfortunate Patti quasi-contradicts this advice by simultaneously advising women to get four dates out of a guy before she “gives” him something in return. It could also be said that men LOVE a woman who scours toilet grime. Give a guy a chance even if he goes dutch on the first date.

Did she mean phone behavior , like sexting your ex during dinner? those losers who can’t just pull the trigger to ask each other out so they text “hey whats up” back and forth until someone finally ignores the other person? “Dating a pair & a spare always ensures you are in the driver’s seat. Men LOVE a woman who washes loads of other people’s sweaty gym socks. “Sushi bars are a good place to meet men, one of the few places they’ll sit down and eat alone.” This looks attractive doing the “sashimi mouth-stuff.” You know, that thing where you awkwardly try to fit a piece of fish into your mouth with chopsticks without dripping soy sauce down your shirt? Men you thread, women you wax.” Unless we are talking about the occasional eyebrow waxing, this woman says “FUCK NO.” “Female & successful? Men need to pay on the date, if not they will take you for granted,” “No woman wants to be a man! But ladies, you are closing yourself off to a lot of sweet, smart, lovely guys if you are only open to going on dates with the ones who can afford to pay for every date he goes on … And let’s not even go there with the comments about what does and does not make “real men,” okay?

Patti says if a man offers you dinner and you counter with drinks, it could make him think you're auditioning him.

So, if you reduce the date to drinks, you're not honoring your dating commitments?


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