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There’s no place in Germany – maybe in the world – quite like Hamburg.

Germany’s second city has a long and rich history, incorporating the old Danish city of Altona.

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It was the core of the powerful Hanseatic League and for centuries was one of Germany’s strongest links to the outside world.

Today it’s one of the liveliest and most fun cities in the country and Krypton Escorts are here to make sure you enjoy your time in Hamburg as much as you possibly can. Hamburg has everything, from high culture to the infamous Reeperbahn, so you’re certainly not stuck for choices.

It’s not the sort of city you want to walk round on your own though.

What is all the splendour of the world worth if you do not have a lady at your side to enjoy Hamburg’s discreet and elegant flair? Some of them spend all their time with their nose in a book.


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