Speed dating in math class

This activity, which we affectionately call "Speed-Dating Math" is the perfect activity for when your students need that extra drill practice, and you know you don't want to pull out the boring worksheets.We're deep into our multiplication and division unit right now, and this is how we practice using the traditional algorithm.Students draw a line down their whiteboards to divide the surface in half.At the end of the four minutes, I call out "Speed Date Switch".

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Another memory device was stolen from Zook Tutoring.I like to call it "speed math." The premise of speed dating is for each individual in attendance to share information about themselves in a short period of time, with other members of the group.Speed math has students share information about a certain assigned problem with other students.Many of the schools around us had already closed due to the impending arrival of Cleon. And, my students wanted to have nothing to do with learning something new.This introduction to logarithms is basically a compilation of a lot of ideas I found on the Internet.Basically, set your students up in pairs so they are facing eachother - long rows of desks or tables work the best for this.


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