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You can probably expect at least a decent salary, some good benefits, and a better round of holidays off than in non-government positions.

Putting together a good government resume takes patience, time and attention to detail.Many people find that their resume never makes it past the first screening panel.It’s usually because they have done something that results in it immediately being tossed into the “no thanks” pile, as the screener promptly moves on.That’s right, when you submit your resume for a government position, it likely goes before a panel of screeners who will determine whether you should even be considered for the next round.This makes it imperative that your resume be just what they are looking for.If youre not perfect for one job, there may be a related one thats a fit for you. The time from the job announcement closing until you are contacted can be as little as two to four weeks. In general, there's not much difference.) The process of being hired was much slower in the past.


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