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The fancy Olmo frames always struck me as being rather similar to Colnago Supers in overall appearance. Some are absolutely gorgeous, others are a bit sloppy.They are, just like Colnago, known for their very nice ride. parts in guideline condition should be worth around 0. As a result, you may find wonderful examples from the 50's and 60's too! parts in guideline condition should be worth, perhaps, around 0.

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Experiment and systematic observation of nature replaced belief in the gods of antiquity, leading eventually to an explosion of space age discovery.

Designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, it is an ultra-modern glass and steel structure with light and airy exhibition spaces, built specifically to display ancient finds from the Acropolis.

Top things to see here include the 6th-century-BC Moschophoros (statue of a young man carrying a calf on his shoulders), the Caryatids (sculptures of female figures that held up the Erechtheion) and the highly controversial Parthenon marbles.

Considered the symbol of Athens and Greece, and indeed of Western civilisation, the Acropolis is a rocky mound rising in the heart of modern Athens and crowned by three magnificent temples dating from the 5th century BC.

The best known and most distinctive is the Parthenon, originally made up of 58 columns supporting a roof and decorated by ornate pediments and a frieze.


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